Like most 15 year olds, money wasn’t something I had a lot of. Late spring of 2003, Andy and his brother Michael with a little financial help from their father, started a little business/ “hobby” called “Clean Cut Lawn Care”. With some worn out equipment and a push broom we were determined to make a couple bucks for the summer and that’s all it was ever supposed to be.

After two years Michael left to pursue school activities and my dad focused his attention on his own well established business. “Clean Cut Lawn Care”, at that point was left in my inexperienced hands. But I saw some potential and decided to hold on to it. Over the years I finished high school then went off to college and realized that school was not my cup of tea.

For the next couple years I worked hard to save and invest money into the business. I worked under small outfits and large multi-million dollar companies as I learned the trade better. Today we have the best equipment money can buy with a strict maintenance schedule. That includes sharpening the blades daily, changing oil every 100 hours and replacing mowers every 2-3 years. Why should you care about the maintenance to our equipment? It shows we care about the equipment we have which in turn will translate to your property that we service. Dull blades will kill your grass, low oil will blow up an engine costing you more in fertilizing and an unreliable service. Do you really want that?

If you’re looking for a cheap cut, we are not the service for you. We take pride in our work and our customer service is top notch with a 98% customer retention rate. Don’t Believe me? Scroll down to the bottom right hand side of this page and click on that white box that says “Thumbtack”. Those are clients own reviews they wrote themselves. So send me a text or email and I can get you a quick quote, Thanks for time!

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